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Welllllll…we have a flick that’s not exactly straight horror…anyone familiar with this brand knows it’s a more horror/comedy mashup but that doesn’t mean we can’t review it from its horror merits. Ten years later, we get a sequel in the form of ZOMBIELAND 2: DOUBLE TAP. We get the original crew back, with some extra peeps involved for the ride, and the result is a mixed bag at best. Sequels are by definition a tricky bag; comedy sequels are the toughest. Try and have a comedy AND horror sequel and its usually an uphill battle. Balancing that line between too horror-ific and too comedic isn’t easy. People prob won't complain if there's too much 'horror' in a sequel, (if that's such a thing), but folks might be turned off if there is too much 'comedy' that doesn't connect or falls flat. Not that the first Zombieland was straight up horror either. It was still a mashup but it felt like a horror first…with a comedic tone sprinkled in. This outing almost feels like a parody first...with a couple zombie scenes thrown in after for good measure. The main narrative sees the main team split up...and revolves around tracking each other down and avoiding the undead as they go about it. Some of these actions made zero sense (why leave the crew, when it seems humans are sparse?). Some of the newer characters and editing felt flat as well. We do get callbacks to the first movie, with the ‘rules’ list, but aside from that many scenes/people just didn’t mesh well in this universe. While we do get a couple funny/action-packed scenes (meeting the ‘doubles,' evolved zombie types) these were few and far between. Check it out if you’re a fan of the original…but be prepared for a more parody-ish/character-drama feel then a clever comedy zombie romper.

SLASH SCENE: Fighting off the zombie ‘doubles’


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