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We hope the glory days aren’t all behind us, but when more and more songs, movies, etc get new covers, we’re reminded of an era that is so great we have to relive it. Not that all covers/remakes are imminently bad, there are some quite good ones out there. Bad Wolves’ cover of ZOMBIE, originally by the Cranberries, gives new life to an old tune and transforms what was a great, more slower soulful melody, into a light rock/light metal-ish cover that isn’t too over the top. In fact, the vocals could have easily been too loud/aggressive and instead, go for a softer rock sound that amplifies the beat while still hearing the emotion. The emotion especially shines through when you know the story behind how the cover was released regarding the original singer. Who would have thought we could get a more rock-ish cover of one of the more unique titles of the early 90’s and have it succeed, but they pulled it off greatly. Listen to this one.


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