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ZODIAC (2007)

ZODIAC by director Fincher is an adaptation of a book based on real life crime in CA in the late 60s/early 70s. The Zodiac killer, as he called himself, has never been caught to this day and remains one of the bigger rabbit holes of stories and legends one can subject themselves to if they wish to follow all that has happened. The movie itself follows cartoonist Robert Graysmith as he becomes obsessed with a case unfolding in front of his eyes as he tries to partner with colleagues and chase leads before ultimately becoming trapped in the rabbit hole himself. The crime scenes are vividly recreated, masterfully shot, and real-life survivors/researchers helped to consult on the production. While everyone may have their theory about who or who couldn’t possibly be Z, (or even some of the accuracies of the movie) it’s still amazing to watch what police work was like decades ago and the resources that were not available then that would have probably made the case far easier today to solve had it happened in present times. Definitely worth a watch for fans of horror, true crime, or even just a tense mystery.

SLASH SCENE: The basement scene


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