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Xaon Sits Down To Discuss "Eros" Video And So Much More

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Carson of Xaon to talk about their newest music video for the song "Eros", how they connect as a band, and the growth of their music. If you missed that interview last week you can listen to it below! Before I get in to that, I had a few words about that video I wanted to share with you all.

The video plays to me like a short film. It felt cinematic in nature, and the orchestral elements of the music only added to this. "Eros" opens up with a breathtaking visual of a woman in a field and some tight shots on the guitarists hands as he plays a peaceful melody, before she is joined by a man. It was a great way to open the video and provided a wonderful scene for the calmer introduction of the song.

From there the music picks up and so does the action. The drums come in heavy and the guitars speed up, adding intensity. There are some great shots of the band in an old church. This is the one discussed a bit in the interview for those of you who listened ahead. As the video progresses, rapidly changing shots and scenes cut together and provide an over all feeling of fear, and struggling. Well planned violin arrangements really make this song for me. When combined with the other instruments and the scenes from the video, they create an experience that is far more powerful than it would be with the standard instruments alone. The two characters featured in the story seem to be in conflict. They appear to be fighting with one another, taking time to consider actions and consequences, and coming back together to fight again until in the end the man walks away, leaving the woman alone. While I could be wrong, and I didn't think to ask unfortunately, it seems that he cared greatly for her, but in the end had to walk away. By not asking I have allowed myself to interpret it as I like, so that is a bonus.

"Eros" is a solid track and fits in well with the other tracks on the Solipsis album. If you haven't had the chance to check out their work before, be sure to click the links below to find your new favorite!

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