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Witherfall - Curse Of Autumn

LA based dark melodic metal band Witherfall released their new album "Curse Of Autumn" earlier this month, and I finally got around to listening to it. I remember back in December when they dropped the first single, and it was really good, so, I've been wanting to checking this album out. It definitely did not disappoint. It's so good! There's a nice intro instrumental piece, then it jumps right into "The Last Scar" which is a fantastic heavy hitter. "Tempest" is another great heavy hitting song, but it has a slightly different sort of sound with a lot of long drawn out guitar notes and some acoustic, and a drum and bass solo, all of which I really enjoyed. The title track "Curse Of Autumn" is a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitars and two voices harmonizing, and ends with an unexpected heavy riff, which then transitions us into what is probably the fastest paced song on the album. "The Unyielding Grip Of Each Passing Day" is just shy of three minutes of instrumental insanity! It's great! "The Other Side Of Fear" was without a doubt my favorite track, and it's one of the hardest hitting and darkest songs on the album. We get another epic ballad in "The River", which I thought was fantastic! I thought this album kicked some major ass! It's got a lot of different elements of melodic, power, speed, and other forms of metal. Also I have to mention how much I love the album cover. It's absolutely gorgeous. I definitely recommend checking out this album. ~Gangis

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