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Wicca - Magic Crystal (Single Review)

Argentinian doom metal band Wicca dropped a new single yesterday titled "Magic Crystal". I just discovered this group, and I'm already a fan after hearing this song. It starts out with an organ and some terrified screams. It's so dark and fuzzy and sludgy and I love it! The vocals have a really interesting sound. Almost like if Ozzy Osbourne was a girl or very similar to Mazzy Star is how I'd describe the voice. But the they are also rather quiet, the instruments are the main focus. I like that because it's different. I checked out the songs on their "You Sow Your Crop" EP from last year to get a better feel for the band. I thought it was great, and a lot more fast paced than their new single, but that doesn't at all take away from "Magic Crystal". It's a great single, and I'm definitely looking forward to whatever they put out next. ~Gangis

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