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Who needs AnOTHER……….. Brother??

My friend and I decided to do a beer hop one weekend. We heard about a new brewery located in Seaside CA and decided to jump over there to try it out. Sadly, they were not open for business yet, but we did take a moment to admire the building. We finally had the satisfaction of trying their beer about a week or so later. The building is huge and its interestingly set up. They had a delicious menu that complimented the beer on tap. The place was a bit noisy but it was still new and they were still getting set up. I loved they had bar stools located in front of roll up windows and am looking forward to going back to enjoy the fresh salt air while sipping on a fresh brew. I was fortunate to be able to sample all the beers the day we went and there really wasn’t a bad one on the list. If you are in the area please check out Other Brother Beer in Seaside, CA

Beers Pictured: Super Custom 5.8% ABV, Bucket Brown 5.2% ABV, Junkyard 3.5% ABV, Builders’ 7.1% ABV, Seasider Smash: Eureka! 5.0% ABV, Nice & Easy 5.5% ABV, AWOL 8% ABV

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