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Where The Gloom Becomes Sound - Tribulation

I just checked out the new album "Where The Gloom Becomes Sound" by thrash/black /goth metal group Tribulation. This album is so good! I remember when the single "Hour Of The Wolf" dropped, I was really impressed by what I was hearing. The rest of the album is as good, if not better. There's so many different elements including some great solos, haunting vocals, some beautifully played piano, and some definite doom metal influence throughout. The introduction to the first track, "In Remembrance" is super atmospheric, kinda creepy, and almost feels like part of a Burton film soundtrack. The growl that fades out in the middle of "Daughter Of The Djinn" is absolutely spine tingling. "Inanna" is straight up a doom metal masterpiece. The slow part in the final track "The Wilderness" with the organs. There's has so many little nuances that all really add that extra level of awesomeness to the album and make it great. I thoroughly enjoyed this album and definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Album cover for "Where The Gloom Becomes Sound" by Tribulation.

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