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Where Oceans Burn Set To Release New Single November 8th!

Where Oceans Burn is back with their second music video release! Their debut single had me hooked and I have been chomping at the bit for what came next. Could they live up to my expectations? Was it going to be as good as their first single? Would I even like it? The answer to all three was a resounding "YES"! November 8th they will release "Shadow//Self" for everyone to hear, but I'm impatient and managed to convince them to share it with me sooner so you would know what to expect.

"Hollow Heart" was a great track, blending a heavy sound with soulful breaks and it was just what I needed to hear when it was sent to me. The newest single "Shadow//Self" is a bit heavier and already you can hear their sound evolving. Releasing this track as their second single was a good move. It shows that while they can make emotionally driven music with softer tones, while maintaining the raw mood of the genre, they can also deliver music that is heavy and high energy, as is the case here. The track is darker and has a rawness that comes through more powerfully than we have seen from Where Oceans Burn so far.

Both the cleans and the screams executed by vocalist Alex Wilkinson and Ross Coey are in line with their previous release. They bring alot of emotion in their presentation and the offset of heavy vocals over lighter instrumentals in some places adds alot to the song. Much of the heavier sound in "Shadow//Self" can be attributed to drummer Calum Osbaldiston. "Hollow Heart" was a great track and his playing was a big part of that, but in the new single he really stands out. His heavy drum beats and rapid patterns throughout punctuate the overall tone of the song. Ross Coey (guitar) and Ben Charleston (guitar and bass) take up their instruments and bring the track home. With a punchy sound and interesting arrangements, they flesh out the track, giving us everything I could have asked for in a song. Their performance is spectacular! Everything is bound together with ambient sound that projects even more emotion on to what these four have already done for an addition that serves as a perfect follow up for their debut single.

The video for "Shadow//Self" is very different from the debut release as well. "Hollow Heart" showed the band in an abandoned building, well lit, and pristine in appearance. This is dramatically different from what we see here. They utilize dynamic lighting adding an intensity that wasn't there before. When partnered with the stark contrast of the black background and the variety of camera angles, it is an interesting visual that is engaging and inciting. In the video you see Alex being grabbed by hands stained black. They are pulling at him and quite possibly choking him as he is in what appears to be a desperate fight to remain standing. The video ends with one last shot of him being overtaken and then slow shots of the other band members as the music fades out.

"Shadow//Self" will be out for you to see and hear on November 8th, and I hope you will take the time to check it out. I fell in love with them after their debut song and after building up my expectations for this one, part of me was worried I had over hyped it in my head. I was so happy after my first listen to know that I was wrong. It was just as good, if not better than I had expected and I can't wait to hear what you guys think when you listen to it!

If you haven't had a chance to check out their first single you can peek it below!

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