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Crazy to think of a time when caller ID didn’t exist but it in the scheme of things really wasn’t that long ago. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS takes an old premise and establishes it as a baseline that imprints an eerie feeling over the entire movie. A young babysitter receives a call on a landline (because that’s what existed in the 70s) from a menacing voice taunting her about the kids asleep upstairs. After notifying the police, the call is traced and determined the call is coming from inside the house. After its discovered the kids have been brutally murdered, the suspect is actually taken into custody o a psych ward. After several years, the escapes and so begins the cat-and-mouse of a private investigator and the killer’s whereabouts. However, the opening scene with the tension and voice taunts casts an eerie shadow whenever the killer is shown again. If you are looking for a typical slasher this isn’t it. This one relies on definite suspense, thrills, and an overall eeriness, though it displays these things all rather well. In an era before the 80s slasher and especially CGI films, the old school suspense ones were subtle yet effective. Check this one out for some old school horror.

SLASH SCENE: Phone Calls


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