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Anyone remember this oddity at the beginning of the new millennium? It seemed to come and go in a crowded summer of several hits at the time and isn't really discussed much. This was Robert 'Back to the Future' Zemeckis' attempt at Hitchcockian fare and he somewhat succeeds. We have Michelle Pfeiffer and Indiana Jones himself as a tense couple when the missus thinks she may have stumbled upon a murder by their neighbors when one of them goes unseen for several days. Add in some supernatural 'ghostly' happenings with weird messages in the house, seances, a maybe-not-so-trustworthy Dr. Jones, and we get a decent at best supernatural mystery. While the overall premise is okay, trying to fuse supernatural with Hitchcock can be a recipe for mixed results if the 'ghostly' stuff takes you out of the realistic suspense that the Hitchcockian parts are trying to convey. Some folks may not mind it but at times it can be a bit too much. That said, if you are curious about a flick that seemed to be forgotten about, give it a chance. Just don't watch the trailers...seriously, it gives away the film. If anything should be stuck beneath, it would be whomever cut those trailers...



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