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Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)

So what do you do when you kill off a popular iconic villain but there is still demand for more? Even after a 'final chapter' or 'goes to hell' like entry? There's only one thing you can do...and that is to go meta! WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE has the actors and actresses from the Elm Street franchise playing themselves...Heather shows up as herself...and we actually get a dressed-down Robert Englund showing up as himself...while playing Freddy. So we get Robert Englund as Robert Englund playing Freddy...but also Englund as just Freddy...make sense? It seems that legend Wes Craven has to explain to Heather that he had visions of the Elm street films attracting some supernatural presence which is now after Heather's son. Her son is the one who exhibits strange behavior throughout and of course, it's up to Heather to save the day and ease back into her role to stop the now real Freddy. For the 90s, meta was still pretty new so kudos to Craven for doing something different. This was a precursor to Scream coming out just a couple years later. However, your enjoyment may depend on whether you like horror movies centered around the kids of the main people. Since Heather's son is the main focus of Freddy now, you'll have to adjust that its a somewhat 'next generation' type thing. If you can get past that, see if you can have fun in this 'new' outing.

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