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Werewolves of Ghost Town

Just checked out the newish single "Werewolves of Ghost Town" by Where's My Bible? that came out in April. First of all, that band name is hilarious and I love it. This song is badass. Starts off with creepy wolves howling, and goes right into some brutal screaming metal. After about four minutes, there's a false ending, which turns into something more melodic. It almost sounds like an entirely different song for a solid thirty seconds before it goes back to being super heavy. I'm definitely a big fan of bands doing things like this, it keeps it interesting. The spoken word over the music towards the end is a nice touch, as is the instrumental outro. The video is very visually interesting featuring shots of cloaked, suit wearing ominous figures, and some wolves, and lots of really cool lighting. It tells this story of someone running from these werewolves, cut with footage of the band playing against a backdrop that fits right in with the forest scenery of the video. Also, the music kicking back up after the false ending coinciding with a gunshot in the video was a really nice touch. The end of the video features a funeral scene, and then a shot of a candle being lit with a memorial to someone who died. Makes me wonder if the wolves were symbolic of something that killed this person who the band knew? I dunno, but either way the video and the song are very well done! Go check it out! ~Gangis

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