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WEDNESDAY 13 - Necrophaze: Antidote

Horror punk/heavy metal "Duke Of Spook" Wednesday 13 released a new four song EP today titled "Necrophaze: Antidote". I was pleasantly surprised by this EP, I didn't hear anything about it until I just found out it had been released. This is without a doubt some of his best work.

The first track, "Your Mother Still Sucks Cocks In Hell" is absolutely frickin hilarious. The title clearly a reference to the most famous line from "The Exorcist", this song provides a very amusing tone, some very clever tongue in cheek lyrics, and is a piece of horror punk mastery.

The second track, "Screwdriver 2 - The Return" is a much heavier and more violent song. The guitar solo is fantastic. It's only like two minutes long, but it's very intense and is a great song. The music video is bloody and a little disturbing, showing Wednesday stabbing himself with a screwdriver. It's very well done.

The third track is "Devil Inside", which was the first and only single released from this EP. It was released so long ago that I'd completely forgotten that this EP was planned. This song is a badass cover of 80's tune "Devil Inside" by INSX. I really enjoyed this one. It's true to the original song, but Wednesday was able to put it into his goth metal style, and I think it was really well done.

The fourth and final track is "Film" ft. Calico Cooper (shock rock legend Alice Cooper's daughter). She does some great backing vocals on this song, which I thought sounded wonderful. One thing that sets this track apart is it has a lot more atmospheric keyboard sounds than the others, but I really like it.

This entire EP is so good! I want more! It only lasts for a total of fourteen minutes, but there's just so much awesomeness packed into those fourteen. It's definitely some of his best work. I absolutely love it! I am going to be listening to this one many times. I definitely look forward to whatever he decides to put out next, hopefully another full length album is on the horizon. I highly recommend checking this out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Cover art for "Necrophaze:Antidote" by Wednesday 13 on Nuclear Blast Records.

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