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Was That A Harp??

What the fuck??? I just heard 拷訊惨獄 (Torture Prison) by Japanese metal band Deviloof. This is THE MOST complicated piece of music I've EVER heard! It's got so much jam packed into it. We've got some weird atmospheric spacey sounds, heavy metal, doom meta, black metal, thrash metal, rap, some extreme noise, some really high pitched screeching, mumble rap sung in a black metal style, and a harp?? The brief harp sound at two minutes in really threw me off. That was the last damn thing I expected. I really liked this song though, it all fit together like some sort of fucked up metal jigsaw puzzle. It's great. The video was really cool too, and had great effects and costuming. The whole band wore really theatrical androgynous outfits, which is apparently a thing? It's called visual kei, which I'm not familiar with, but think it's a really cool concept. I enjoyed this a lot. ~Gangis

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