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WARKINGS ft. The Lost Lord - Spartacus (Single Review)

Power metal group Warkings just teamed up with goth/industrial band Lord Of The Lost's front man Chris Harms to create a masterpiece of a single titled "Spartacus". This song comes off of Warkings "Revolution" album that is coming out on August 20th. I enjoyed this song a lot! It's all about Spartacus and the gladiators and those bloody battles that happened in history. What a great subject for a power metal song. This song is super heavy. The "die for Spartacus" chant is great. The blend between growls and traditional power type vocals is fantastic, as well as the backing vocals done by "The Lost Lord". The guitar solo absolutely shreds. This song is just bad ass. I definitely am going to check out the album when it drops. It's so good. I highly recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still frame from the lyric video for "Spartacus" by Warkings ft. The Lost Lord on Napalm Records.

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