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Wardruna - Skugge

Folk metal band Wardruna released a new single titled "Skugge" off of their "Kvitravn" album last week. Their new album is set to come out on the 22nd of this month. I think this song is absolutely beautiful. It seems like kind of a throwback to when they put out "Helvegen". I enjoyed this song immensely. I love how repetitive the chanting is, and just how beautiful this one is. I also really like how it ends with some whispers. It's great. The lyric video is really interesting and shows some gorgeous nature shots. I am definitely looking forward to this album, I think it's going to be something special. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still frame from "Skugge" lyric video by Wardruna, recorded by Ragnarok Film, directed by Ole Fredrik Wannebo.

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