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It’s the holiday week, so why not add some holiday horror to the mix? Though this one isn’t holiday throughout the entire thing, the strong opening segment more than makes up for it. Yes, we are talking about the old TALES FROM THE CRYPT anthology. But not the one you automatically think. This is pre-HBO Cryptkeeper…with the same anthology format but a human Cryptkeeper/host introducing the segments. We start off with a group of strangers all gathered in a catacombs-like room with our host telling them how they came to be there…aka how they met their demise. The strongest story is the opening holiday one, which showcases a maniac Santa, Joan Collins, and lots of tension. This particular story was actually remade years later into the newer Tales from the Crypt show we’re all familiar with too. This anthology as a whole deserves a second look (or first if you haven’t seen it) for its collection of interesting stories and variety of characters. If there’s a negative, if might be a little too heavy handed on the morality lessons shown, but then again, which horror flick doesn’t have those? Out of the five stories adapted from the horror comics of the 50s, most work really well, with only one or two weaker ones. (Did Jigsaw get his inspiration from the last story, I love that one!) If you’re a found of anthology horror, then definitely required viewing for some old school thrills. Check it out for a vintage anthology evening...and to experience maniac Santa.

SLASH SCENE: The ‘revenge’ path in 'Blind Alleys' segment


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