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VFW (2019)

Ever get the feeling some flicks and scripts are made after assembling a cast? Instead of the usual script is written and then fleshing out the parts, some movies have the ‘we assembled the most random or buzzworthy cast and now lets find a script to serve a purpose. Hence VFW. Don’t think there has ever been a more interesting and random group together on screen. Luther ‘Come Out to Play’ from the Warriors, the Grim ‘Death’ Reaper from Bill and Ted, Cobra Kai Kreese, and the old guy from Avatar and Don’t Breathe. Throw in the war vet dude from From Dusk Till Dawn, and Norm from Cheers, and you have yourself a cult hit in the making. The story itself concerns a drug that seems to be the life choice at the moment for several and once a bag is stolen from a gang leader, mayhem starts as the leader instructs his followers to chase after and hence we have girl-drug-stealer meeting up with the old veterans and then bloody killings start as the crazies try to infiltrate the bar where they are all holed up. Though you would be forgiven for thinking this was a straight up zombie movie, technically it isn’t but the crowds still act like it. The running, dead-faced staring down their opponents, the stop-at-nothing to get into the bar and wreak havoc on folks; the ‘hooked on drugs’ context for the town is a decent attempt at mixing up the genre but if you missed the first 5 minutes that explains the backstory, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was just ‘old men fight zombies’ because it looks about the same. Not a bad thing, and the core cast have chemistry. However, its gets a bit convoluted and the lighting could be improved. Even watching this in a pitch black room, some of the stuff onscreen can tend to be difficult to see as many scenes are dark. You’ll still be able to notice what’s going on but occasionally with the fast editing, they just could’ve used more light. That being said, an entertaining watch with some entertaining veterans and some entertaining bloody carnage. Just don’t watch in a brightly lit room.

SLASH SCENE: The first ax attack


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