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VACANCY (2007)

What could be more horrifying than stopping at a motel in the middle of nowhere and having Ned Flanders as the manager checking you in? In VACANCY, we have a couple who have car trouble (naturally) and are forced to retreat on foot to the nearest motel where they hear endless knocking in the room next door and then discover some videotapes where murders seemingly take place in the very room they stay in. It's a wonder that motel slashers aren't made more often as you would think the logistics and environment would make for a prime horror location with plentiful opportunities. Once the couple (Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale...did someone throw darts at a board for this idea?) discover the tapes they are then hounded throughout the property cat-and-mouse like until one of the teams is left standing. Some actual pretty good chills, jump scares, and atmosphere, if you're looking for something a bit subtle yet effective, this is a decent one to check into. Though it relies more on tension than hardcore gore, there have been far more modern horrors that end up vacant once you look inside.

SLASH SCENE: The tapes


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