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V Is For Villains - Live at Evil Expo (Concert Review)

Our good friends Hellfire sponsored band V Is For Villains played twice last weekend at the Evil Expo in King of Prussia, PA. We were lucky enough to attend both times! It was a fantastic show! They played some tracks off of their upcoming "Steal The 80's" album, and absolutely killed those covers of 80's hits. Their stage presence is absolutely killer! They're very engaging with the crowd and able to get all of us to dance. The best part was during "Pink Elephants On Parade" their singer went into the audience and walked up to different people and ominously got in their faces. It was so fun. I love all the different lighting colors they use, it really helps set the mood for each song. Their sound I can best describe as 2000's pop punk meets The Beatles with an industrial edge. Kind of weird, I know, but I absolutely love it! That was the first live music I've been to in a year and a half, and it certainly fulfilled my craving. It was great! I highly recommend going if you ever get a chance to see them live, and definitely pick up a copy of their new album when it drops. It's going to be stellar! ~Gangis

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