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V/H/S (2012)

Found footage in the horror genre really is love it or hate it…I’ve always been a fan as I think it takes you to that immersion experience (if it’s done right) we all want in films. V/H//S was a popular found footage title that deserve its place in the genre. It has a variety of stories, appropriate creepy jump scares, and a nice wrap-around story. It starts off following a group of troublemakers breaking into homes, causing trouble, assaulting random people, and showing no remorse for anything. They enter a home searching for a tape that if they successfully steal, an anonymous source will hand over a large sum of cash. Each of the stories has their own unique voice, with some twists, and most fans of the genre should find at least one or two stories entertaining. None of the characters in the stories are too cringe-inducing (maybe the ‘bros’ in the first segment but the story plays out in a comeuppance fashion). Check it out at home with the lights off at night…you'll never look at a bachelor party or guys night out the same way again!

SLASH SCENE: The revelation in the second story…


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