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We round out a trilogy with URBAN LEGENDS: BLOODY MARY. While direct-to-DVD is common among the horror genre, when it’s a direct-to-DVD sequel to previous theatrical movies then one would expect the bar won’t be raised quite as high. While Urban Legends: Final Cut (part 2) wasn’t as great as the first, it did try to keep some connective tissue by maintaining one of the characters. This final outing borrows the title from the first two as it's only relation; except for the idea of urban legends themselves with the main one of course asking the question of what happens when you try out the ‘Bloody Mary’ legend. Unlike the previous two, this one utilizes a supernatural presence that might be responsible for some sinister events going on in town. We are treated to some backstory about kidnappings that happened decades prior to the events in the movie, the mystery behind if there are survivors to said events, and the person or persons responsible. While the effort to try something different is appreciated, in the end the story doesn’t know what it wanted to be. We’ve come a long way since Leto and Rosenbaum in the first outing….check this out only for an obligatory sense of finality.

SLASH SCENE: Electrocution by fence


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