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Twiztid & Ice Nine Kills - Envy

Today, Twiztid released a new single off of their upcoming "Unexpected Prescription" album titled "Envy" ft. Ice Nine Kills. The album is being released on September 10th. First of all, these two collaborating is absolutely fantastic, and I love how well their sounds meld together. We've got all sorts of elements like heavy, hiphop, pop punk, some industrial, and some weird spacey sound effects, all coming together to create a fantastic and killer song. The song goes through a few different changes in sound, but it's all done so smoothly that it sounds like one cohesive piece. I enjoyed this immensely! I never would've thought to pair them together, but it was a great choice. I definitely recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo image for "Envy" by Twiztid ft. Ice Nine Kills.

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