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Twin Temple - Los Angeles, CA - 10/30/22

Twin Temple is a Satanic doo-wop band from Los Angeles, California. In 2019, they released their debut album Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound…. Satanic Doo-Wop). Since then they have released one EP, Twin Temple Summon the Sacred Whore... Babalon. Earlier this year, they played with Ghost and got an even bigger fan base. While they have enjoyed touring with other bands as support, this year they finally announced their first headlining tour. The final stop of their Satanic Orgy tour was at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. To make the grand finale of the tour even more special and give a huge welcome home to the band, it was a sold out show!

The venue was nicely packed as the lights went out and the sold out crowd cheered with excitement. The band's touring members were the first to come out. They started the instrumental track, In Lvx. The last two members came out which were guitarist Zachary James and singer Alexandra James who are married in real life and are the driving force of the band. The first song performed was Sex Magick. You could immediately hear the doo-wop sound from from the 1960's and got the crowd grooving to the music. In the back, you could see their altar setup. Their music is highly influenced by the doo-wop sound as well as their love for Satan. A few more songs were played including The Devil (Didn't Make Me Do It), Lucifer, My Love and Let's Have a Satanic Orgy. The band took a quick break so Alexandra could talk to the audience about how we need to put an end to sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. They also made the audience raise their horns in the air and had them repeatedly say "Hail Satan!". They continued the Satanic Orgy playing more hits like Santa Muerte, Femme Fatale and finished up their show with Satan's a Woman. Alexandra was less than impressed with how quiet the audience was being so the band the left the stage. The crowd seemed to finally wake up and got noisy to the point where Twin Temple came back out for an encore. The encore was I'm Wicked. To end the show, the band played the instrumental track In Nox while Alexandra picked up a goblet from the altar and Zachary picked up a cross and held it upside down. Alexandra drank and gorged on the blood inside the goblet and held it out while Zachary stabbed it with the upside cross. It all came to an end when they shared a passionate kiss. They said their goodbyes then left the stage. A great finish to a tour and hopefully Twin Temple bring back the Satanic Orgy to the world soon.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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