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There are fewer games I can think of that have made a vast improvement in terms of quality and scope over the original than TUROK 2: SEEDS OF EVIL. The first ‘Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was still great and was a first-person shooter that required you to kill, what else, dinosaurs as you navigate different landscapes and seek out different weapons to do your job. The sequel though, ups the action, visuals, missions, in every way. The graphics are better, the levels are completely different than one another compared to the first where they all had similar landscapes, and you actually have missions to rescue hostages, seek keys, turn on beacons, etc. The enemies are smart, weapons are huge, and one of the main things is this is a loooooong game. Between the side quests and figuring out what to do, this one kept you busy but in a good way. For the 64-bit era, never has destroying wild dinos as well as dino-robots/dino-hybrids felt so fun. This one engages you from the beginning as you are given the story from ‘Adon’, a female alien who explains each mission and looks to be navigating from space at the start of the story where you show up to hear how the first mission begins. For a game of its time this one had fluid animation, long in-depth gameplay, creative levels, and smart enemies. This was definitely a sleeper hit of the system and a high point of its time. Shoot some dinos.


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