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TREMORS (1990)

The one that started it all…the OG early 90s classic…TREMORS. If there’s anything better than a winter horror setting, it’s a desert setting that really gets to show off that horror vibe. Why? Something about remote land, mountainous horizon, and hot weather just yearns for some mischief. Enter the Baconator and gang…who have to ‘ward’ (get that joke?) off giant wormy looking things who nest underground and can wreak havoc just by hearing sensation on the other side of the dirt. While giant monster/organism/creature things are common in the genre, this one took off because of the tone, entertaining cast, and playing it straight with a hint of homage to flicks gone past. The characters don’t ham it up too much…we always get a sense of danger but at the same time, realize how ridiculous the overall premise is. Add in some decent 90s FX, and you have yourself a nice little horror gem. On a side note, utterly mindboggling how the networks passed on a TV sequel-adaptation with the Baconator himself…you can find the trailer for the canceled-before-it-aired series on YouTube. Until that ever happens, have to stick to this OG outing.

SLASH SCENE: First appearance


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