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Train to Busan (Dubbed) (2016)

Okay first off I won't be going into details about the movie to prevent spoiler's

. However for a zombie movie I thoroughly enjoyed this film. When I first read the info on the film I expected another cliché zombie film. However, this film had some refreshing aspects I enjoyed. The zombies were very realistic and not over done like with so many American zombie films. These zombies were believable. Like if a biological event happened and people were infected, this is what I would expect to see. The storyline was great, the action was great, not extremely gory but just the right amount. The actors played great roles, the little girl in the movie stole the movie in my eyes. Not much CGI made this film seem very true and realistic. The only real complaint I had was some of the English dubbing didn't fit the tone, like some of them were over acting the part. Now the ending..... WOW!!! It ripped my heart from my chest! I know this movie made many top 100 list and it certainly will make mine. 8/10.. I highly recommend.

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