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Tito & Tarantula - After Dark

One of the more underrated pieces of From Dusk Till Dawn is Tito & Tarantula's AFTER DARK. When Santánico Pandemonium first appears and does her snake dance, obviously everyone in attendance is captivated. While credit definitely goes to her, the tune itself gets credit for having the great balance of seduction and hard rock. The guitar solos are too memorable and each synth is subtle enough that you just wait for something to pop...and it does in the immediate following scene where we first meet the vampires. While the opening and closing credits have their worthwhile tunes...don't sleep on the song itself when we are introduced to Ms. Hayek in all her glory. More medleys such as this one should be written to introduce such characters. Get reacquainted in the light or the dark.

Listen here:

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