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Tito And Tarantula - 8 Arms To Hold You (Album Review)

Hispanic stone/blues rock band Tito And Tarantula made their name from their appearance in 1996 cult classic film "From Dusk Till Dawn". I've listened to their first album that includes the songs that were featured in that movie many times. Someone recently said something about them, and it made me wonder what they've been up to or if they're even still together. I discovered that they put out a new album in September of 2019 titled "8 Arms To Hold You", and I absolutely had to check it out.

This album is fantastic! It has a lot more of a stoner feel than some of their earlier music, which I really like, but it still has a lot of similar sound elements. It also of course has gorgeous vocals done by the one and only Tito Larriva, and some witty lyrics. This album, as the title suggests, has a lot of songs about love and forbidden partners. It's so good! I especially liked "He's A Liar", it's a bit heavier than some of the other tracks, and it's catchy as hell. "Animal Dream" had a little bit of a different sound to it. Larriva's vocals are a lot more loud and center of attention, with some softly played guitar riffs in the background.

"Lonely Sunset" is a really cool song. It very successfully creates a morose sort of sound and has a lot of depth to the sound. The final track on the album "Somewhere Between" is a beautiful ballad with softly done vocals. I enjoyed this album a lot! I'm glad to see that Tito And Tarantula is still around and making music. I definitely recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Album cover for "8 Arms To Hold You" by Tito And Tarantula.

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