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Thy Antichrist Burns Los Angeles to the Ground

Bricks Lounge Rock Bar

Los Angeles, Ca


Thy Antichrist are black metal band from Colombia. With the pandemic slowly, but surely coming to an end, concerts are slowly starting back up. Thy Antichrist was eager to get back on the road and announced two shows, one being in Los Angeles and the other being in Chicago. A Saturday night in Los Angeles was the perfect setting to praise Satan and black metal with lots of hungry metalheads just dying for a live show after a year and a half.

Three opening bands helped warm up the audience and in between bands, the crowd was treated to Aztec dancers. It was time for Thy Antichrist to finally take the stage. Thy Antichrist came out and started their show with Between God and the Devil. Singer Andres Vargas "Anticristo 666" delivered satanic vocals to the Los Angeles crowd that riled them up to where mosh pits formed. The next song was the fan-favorite The Great Beast and fans continued to raise their horns, bang their heads and mosh to the music. Other songs in this satanic ritual included: Desolation, Where Is Your God? and a brand new song, Iatan Plateau. One of the main highlights was when the fans demanded one of their most famous songs, and so Thy Antichrist delivered and played Metal to the Bone with its catchy chorus. Being that it was a black metal show, no black metal show would be complete without a classic black metal tune. Thy Antichrist surprised fans when they played a Darkthrone cover of Transylvanian Hunger which drove the fans wild. After a few more brutal songs, it was time for Thy Antichrist to call it a night. The final song of the night was Pseudo Gods and gave the Los Angeles crowd one last chance to let loose. Thy Antichrist wrapped up their show, bowed to their fans and took their leave. It felt good to finally have a metal show after so long and surely enough, metalheads all over the world can't wait for shows to be back 100%. Cuernos Arriba!


Between the God and the Devil I The Great Beast I Where Is Your God? I Destruction Times I Metal to the Bone I Iatan Plateau (new song) I Desolation I Calamity Called Mankind I Transylvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) I Nightmares I Satan Inside Me I Pseudo Gods


Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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