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There are few givens in life, but one will always be that Rob Zombie films will be of divided opinion among the masses. THREE FROM HELL is the film to cap off the Firefly family trilogy after The Devil’s Rejects has amounted to a fan favorite over the years. We pick up immediately where we left off...with all three members somehow surviving the bullet bath they encountered at the end of that flick. After being holed up in a prison, Otis escapes, secures Baby’s release, and more havoc ensues. The elephant in the room with this whole outing of course is Sid Haig’s Captain Spaulding. His health prevented him from doing too much and his role had to be re-written. We got Richard Brake, as Otis’ half brother to take his place. While Brake is a great actor on his own, Captain Spaulding’s presence was sorely missed and one of the factors why this outing isn’t quite up to par with previous ones. We get scenes that are too similar from Rejects, a shoot-em up conclusion that looks like it was taken from the Machete movies, and the carnage along the way seemed a bit tame compared to previous outings. Not that there isn’t effort; the script had to be re-written at the 11th hour in order to accommodate character changes so there’s appreciation for that. We would have liked some more mayhem though, and I kept wanting Brake to reprise his ‘31’ character instead of the somewhat restrained character he is in this. On its own, not a bad flick…we were all just spoiled from Rejection previously.

SLASH SCENE: Baby’s Archery


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