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Things Heard and Seen - (2021) Movie Review

Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini

Production company: Likely Story

Based on a book :All Things Cease to Appear Book by Elizabeth Brundage

It has a decent cast that is well known. It starts out a little slow but eventually falls in place. It is a horror flick and has some ghost scenes. The main two characters are married and starting fresh in this old house. The house has a history of deaths. The husband is devious and uses others for his gain. The wife who eagerly tries to please her husband is slowly losing herself . She thinks she is crazy with everything happening in the house and to her. The people in the town are close knit and don't want to say what they know. It has some great points and you do get drawn in.

Its not a horror flick as having slashers . But instead a love story that gets twisted and leads to death. It is a decent flick . I would say its not a jump scare, but more a scare as in real life occurrences.

I felt drawn to the wife character, because I think in some marriages you lose yourself while trying not only to be the wife, but remember what it is that you like to do. She had been into music and reading.

Trying to make new friends and fit in. I have felt that so I understood her. She is a protective mother of her child and I liked that about her. I would recommend watching on a rainy day . I liked this movie because it makes you think.

Maejean Score : 4/5

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