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If there’s a type of horror the Slash man himself loves, it’s the whodunit type. No surprise given the love for the ‘Scream’ trilogy. Speaking of which, THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE could easily be seen as a Scream homage which is no doubt where they got their inspiration from. A mystery killer is going around and offing high school students but with a twist: each victim has secrets that is blown out the door via seemingly the whole town getting a video or picture messages on their phone before said victim is pummeled in half. Jocks with videos of hazing, podcasters using specific language, these are made public before the slice-and-dice happens. With today’s technology and social media, it’s an interesting and relevant addition that seems as if this could happen organically. That being said, some of the situations and cast don’t quite live up to its full potential. How do you not utilize that corn maze sequence to its full potential? Some social issues intertwined with the narrative gives some extra layers even if a couple of the character’s motivations don’t make the most sense. However, if you like your mystery slashers, this one’s okay. Laughable how people still haven’t learned how to survive in a horror movie by doing every cliché in the book though.



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