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You know the ol cliché they don’t make them like they used to? Or how about, ‘that movie would never get made nowadays.’ Both of those hold very true for the original TOXIC AVENGER. While supposedly a remake is in the cards, chances are it won’t come close to the balls-out crazy, non-PC, violent, smorgasbord that is the original. In the Troma’s production company's most notable entry, we have Melvin who is constantly harassed by bullies at the gym where he works as a janitor. Eventually through a series of unfortunate timing, he ends up out a window into a vat of toxic waste where he becomes the aforementioned ‘superhero.’ So why wouldn’t this seemingly basic storyline not be redone for today’s world? We have street punks hitting people (including kids) with their car for ‘fun’ and ‘points’, violence towards everyone and anyone, graphic and creative violent special effects, and a mean-spirited tone that gives the entire town a drab and ugly feeling. However, this isn’t to its detriment. Troma films back in the day were known for these wild kind of scenes and horror movies have been known to push the limits. It’s great seeing the villains get their comeuppance and what better way than from our old pal Toxie? For a film that is truly a product of its time, add this one to your horror repertoire. It has its own place in history and there’s a reason it’s Troma’s most signature entry today, not to mention the sequels and cartoon that was spun off.

SLASH SCENE: The Visual Effects


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