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THE THING (1982)

You can’t call yourself a horror fan and not at least be familiar with THE THING, let alone have seen it. One of the few remakes out there (from a 50s version) that is almost universally on the top of most people’s list in terms of remakes or just simply horror. So what makes this one so great? Perhaps the wintery cold setting in Antarctica? The paranoia in that no one really knows who is who? The fun starts when some ‘thing’ starts taking over living organisms and in doing so their whole shape and structure changes to some other-worldly being. The great thing is once the whole crew who are stationed out on this base begin figuring out what’s going on, anyone could be this ‘thing’ and no one really knows until it presents itself. If there is ever an argument for practical effects over CGI, it would be this film. Even over 40 years later, the effects and scenes still hold up. Just try and not to be in awe when the ‘spider face’ thing crawls away or the chest implodes when they are trying to resuscitate. Dark, wintery settings should be utilized in horror more frequently and is probably another main reason why this flick works so well-it elevates the paranoia in that no one can go anywhere unless they want to take a miles hike out in the white wilderness. An eclectic cast, always classic Russell, and classic premise. Though a standard holiday theme, watch around this season for the common cold settings.

Slash Scene: The Face!

Slash Score: 5/5

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