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THE THING (1982)

If there’s a horror movie perfect for the winter season, look no further than THE THING. Actually a remake itself of a 50s movie similarly themed, this one sees a research group stationed out in Antarctica, winter nonetheless, where a sinister….creature/’thing’’ that can take over an organism easily slinks in and out of a group undetected until it decides to show itself. While most would laud this flick a classic, what’s interesting is upon release it actually earned negative reviews and underperformed at the box office. It wasn’t until years later that it found its cult following and turned into the beloved classic we know today. What still holds up…the effects, paranoia, the cold setting, and the great dynamic of a Carpenter/Russell pairing...not to mention the other stellar acting involved. Some of the practical effects are even held up as a gold comparison today…showing how some CGI nowadays just can’t hold a candle. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen this yet…now’s the perfect time while most of us are in the middle of an arctic blast ourselves. If it’s been awhile since a viewing…now’s a great time to view a great thing.



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