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The Saw Is The Law

Whitechapel is a band that has been around for a long time now. I remember when the emergence of hundreds of "deathcore" bands came flooding onto the scene all about the same time. Very reminiscent of the nu metal wave where only a few outta hundreds actually survived long lasting careers. Whitechapel is one of those that have outlasted all the rest and gained that crown. When it comes down to it though, i wouldn't really describe them as true death core. Do they have some of the elements you typically hear, sure. But there music writing is by far superior to that of others. If you take the essential death core album and put it next to whitechapel it doesn't even make sense. Their guitar and drum work, lyrical composition, it blows death core bands clean out of the water. With each album they mature, try new things, and have aced it every time as to where the few death core bands that are still touring, their music still sounds exactly the same. by the end of the album everything is so muddied up, you can't tell what song is what. In the end whitechapel has gained the crown and will be among those bands that we are still going to see play in another 10 years from now. We have had our big bands from different generations and decades that continue to stand the test of time and whitechapel will be one of those bands that are up there in the upper echelon of metal. Agree is disagree they are a force to be fucked with on album and the exact same energy on stage. In ending, all hail Whitechapel!

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