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The Return of Punk

We did a little expo back in January up in new jersey this year called evil expo. It was kinda early in the morning, our table was set up in the performance hall so we got to watch all the musical performances of the weekend. There was one performance that got my attention immediately and that was a punk/pop punk band called Devil in the Belfry. As i stood there watching i couldn't believe it. A band that brought back that sound and energy that i loved from bands such as the early days of green day and the offspring. The music was masterfully written and their performance was sport on, i just wish there would have been more people in there to witness how good this band really was. I honestly thought bands like this had died out during the early 2000's but there it was, a hidden gem up in New Jersey of all places. If you don't believe me here is a link to check them out for yourself ( ) and please go by their facebook, hit the like button, buy some merch, and help us spread the word of these guys far and wide!

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