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The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock And Roll

Yesterday, female fronted punk/hard rock group The Pretty Reckless released their new album "Death By Rock And Roll". It has a lot of classic rock and roll sounds with a bad ass punk attitude, and I absolutely love it! I love how heavy and angry this album is. I have to note the main exception though, "Got So High" and "Stood At The Wall" are absolutely beautiful acoustic pieces which I really enjoyed. "Witches Burn" is another really cool tune which had a dark themed girl power type message. The last two songs, "Rock And Roll Heaven" and "Harley Darling" have sort of a southern rock or country feel. I'm very confused honestly how I started listening to a punk album and ended up in a country album? What? Why? I really enjoyed the heavier songs, like the first half of the album. But after that it's not really my cup of tea. Definitely very well written and performed songs, but not my thing. I commend The Pretty Reckless however for how gradually they went from punk to country, until the second to last song I didn't even realize that it had happened. This is a great album, I definitely recommend checking it out though. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Album cover for "Death By Rock And Roll" by The Pretty Reckless

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