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With rolling into the new year, decided it was time to review a different sort of horror-type movie…THE PLATFORM. This isn’t your typical slasher/supernatural/gonzo flick…, this is more your psychological thriller and mentally disturbed-horror all rolled into one. Because this did disturb me more than most films seen this year, I classified it as such. The basic premise is there’s this futuristic prison, and once a day a platform full of food descends from the top of the prison to the bottom, and stops at each floor for a bit of time for the two prisoners per floor to stuff themselves before the platform moves onto the next. Over 200 floors exist in this prison so you can only imagine what the scraps and leftovers look like far before it gets to the end. The concept at its core, less food to survive on the further down the ‘chain’ you are is bad enough, but then when you think about all the ‘leftovers, random hands, backwash, etc,’ that touch all of the plates before it gets to your level just ups the disgusting factor. The movie keeps you intrigued as a mystery unfolds involving a younger prisoner our main hero gets acquainted with. The ending though…talk about taking a page out of the Cube trilogy handbook, but not as satisfying. I wanted something more concrete given all we had seen leading up to it. Aside from that, definitely a different sort of film if you’re looking on the psychological horror side of things. It may not stay with you after watching it, but you’ll definitely be in deep thought during the viewing. Check it out…just don’t eat at the same time.

SLASH SCENE: Cannibalistic tendencies


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