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The OutLaw Mariachi Rides into California

Canyon Club Montclair

Montclair, California


The OutLaw Mariachi (formerly Charros of Rock) are a mariachi rock band from California, USA. They play rock and metal songs with a mariachi twist. At first it may sound a little strange, but a quick YouTube search will bring up live performance and music videos to soothe your soul. They've only performed a handful of times due to the current pandemic situation, but they are slowly getting back on their feet and playing shows regularly. On this day, they even played an indoor venue with social distancing rules in effect. The band features: Gunskull Ricky (vocals/guitar), Mavero Duran (trumpet/vocals), Nico Stixx (drums), Nandoom Vee (guitarron/vocals) and Belle Martele (violin/vocals). The only two members missing on this night were Mara Felina (vihuela/vocals) and JJ Salaz (electric guitar) who was temporarily replaced by Wild Bill Woodcock for guitar duties. What other way to kick off Cinco De Mayo week than to see a mariachi rock band.

The lights went out and the crowd cheered as the band members made their way to the stage and greeted the audience. The OutLaw Mariachi started their show with their mariachi rock rendition of Hard to Handle originally by Otis Redding. Even with a mariachi setting, you still can't help but to get up and dance to the music as mariachi music naturally does. Ricky welcomed the audience and continued the show with Fire by Jimi Hendrix. Another thing the band is known for is for regularly taunting each other, in this case when Ricky was complaining to Mavero Duran that his mic was too loud. Duran turned his mic really to where he couldn't be heard and Ricky responded with "perfect". Up next on their setlist was the classic Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. You can't help but sing along to this song. The OutLaw Mariachi know that metalheads attend their shows and to treat them, played the classic Du Hast by Germany's Rammstein. A great way to bang your head and raise your metal horns. Up next, The OutLaw Mariachi introduced their guitarron/bass player Nandoom Vee and he claims to be the loneliest man. To further prove it, he played a mariachi rendition of Lonely Day by the metal band, System of a Down. The OutLaw Mariachi kept the party going by performing other classics such as The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band), Born in the U.S.A./East L.A. (Bruce Springsteen) and Black Magic Woman (Santana). Ricky stepped out for a bit and gave the spotlight to Belle Martele while she sang a song of her own and dedicated it to all her ex-boyfriends. Once she finished, The OutLaw Mariachi was ready introduce a new member to the band who they introduced as the savior to the immigrants and an a-hole to the border patrol. The new member was none other than Flash Reyes (if you catch the Flash Gordon/Freddie Mercury reference). They saved Flash Reyes for the finale of the show and to say goodbye to the audience, they performed a medley of Queen classics that included We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions and ended with Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The band bowed to the audience and as always, thanked them for their support and they'll see the audience next time. Now that shows are slowly and surely coming back, hopefully The OutLaw Mariachi come around again for a longer set.

Fire by Jimi Hendrix:

The OutLaw Mariachi on FB:

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