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The Ouija And The Demon

So im going to start this out by saying that i am not a juggalo and never have been so my opinio on this is completely unbiased. This dude Ouija Macc just put out a new video today called skin. I literally stumbled upon him a few months ago from a friend and i have been checking out his stuff but this song particular is fucking fire. All of his stuff is so fucking creepy, but this song not just the beat but the lyrics and the overall video gives you a sense of complete dread. As far as horrorcore goes to me this is some of the best that i have heard and im sure there are others who would disagree, and once again i don't claim to be a guru or even know much about horrorcore but from what i have checked out in the past six months, i love this dude! He's nasty, crude, and shocking to most which is exactly what you should be looking for! His new video is fantastic, and the change up at the end is fucking killer but you can make up your own opinion. Check out his new song skin here ( ) He has definitely made a fan outta a straight up metal head!

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