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The online cigar kings

Most people enjoy going to a good cigar shop to hand choose their smokes for the week, some people already know exactly what they like and what they want. I am one of those that knows exactly what i want so online ordering is so much easier. When it comes to online ordering no one, not a single person or cigar shop can beat the prices or the people at cigars international. The prices and deals are amazing and happen constantly. You really can not find the same types of deals or prices anywhere on the fucking planet. Trust me, i have tried. You can probably choose any one of your favorite sticks and you will not find it at a cheaper price than here, especially if you buy in bulk as i do and purchase several boxes at a time to last an extended amount of time. No matter what your looking for, they have including any accessories that you may need from lighters, ash trays, humidors, you name it! Trust us, check em out and give cigars international a try! You won't regret it!

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