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Home invasion movies…if there’s one type of horror I haven’t seen much of it’s gotta be home invasion ones. That being said, without much to compare it to, THE NIGHT THEY KNOCKED is an effective little creeper for what it sets out to do. A bunch of friends get together at a cabin in the woods and eventually some…knocking comes along. While there are prob only so many clichés this type of environment can lend itself to, there a few surprises even as general horror goes that we are treated to as we get deeper into the story. I’d say a drawback is it’s slow in the beginning and it takes a bit to warm up to the characters; some annoying interactions and there isn’t much chemistry among the entire group as a whole. But this is horror! Once we get to the bloody meat of things, we are in for a decent thrill ride. Also, I’ve said this many times, a little mystery can go a long way and one smart thing this flick does is we don’t get a sob backstory of how villains were wronged or how they were raised to be a certain way. The villains as they are presented (a mixture of clown boobery) are absolute; no backstory needed. As long as you can get through the first few minutes, check this one out. Then try to go camping after.

SLASH SCENE: The ‘ball’ kill


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