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For those not familiar with the 'ol tale of the Mothman, strange events took place in the 60s out in Point Pleasant, WV. Folks would report seeing some strange winged 'creature' and the collapse of the Silver Bridge many believe to be associated with these sightings. The movie itself is based on a nonfiction book of experiences by John Keel ...and Mr. Pretty Woman Richard Gere plays a loosely adapted version of him as 'John Klein' in the film. After his wife dies from a car accident...he ends up in a small town where the locals tell tales of these sightings and he himself gets strange phone calls, sightings, and even traces of his wife that hint she may be alive. The whole film has an eerie persona to it; suspense and creepy nighttime calls that make even chapstick seem a bit scary. If you've read the book however, many things are left out (as often it happens). Men in Black sightings, government agents, many side characters aren't here. But taken on its own, the narrative here is simplified and still gives a sense of the paranoia and weird wtf-is-going-on-mood that locals might have experienced during this time period. For a glimpse into an underrated time of unexplained happenings, you'll prob have a decent time checking this out. At least that's the prophecy.

SLASH SCENE: Night phone calls


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