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It’s movies like these that make us miss the 80s..the atmosphere, effects, acting, energy, and sheer 80s hipness. THE LOST BOYS needs no introduction as we are all (or should be) familiar. A family moves to a beach town in California and ultimately two brothers end up crossing paths with vampires in different ways. The older brother literally joins their cult…and is becoming one...while the younger brother enlists the help of a couple local youths who seem to specialize in vampire hunting. Michael, the older brother, ends up becoming ‘friends’ with the pack after interactions at an evening carnival where we get to witness some awesome motorcycle-beach-nighttime-racing to some killer 80s tunes. So what makes this great? The vampires of course! These aren’t teeny-bopper vamps…these are straight up killers the way they should be. We have the always excellent Kiefer, we have the Frog Brothers with Corey and Jamison, we have the other Corey teaming up with the Frogs….everything about the casting is perfect. We have the 80s beach atmosphere, not to mention some gritty nighttime scenes that actually have bite to them. As ‘cool’ as the underground lair scenes are, there is something just suspenseful and raw in that entire sequence where you can just feel the tension leading up to the bridge drop-off. Vampy movies are aplenty but few live up to the status of this one. Now that summer is around the corner, get in the biting mood.

SLASH SCENE: Falling off the bridge


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