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The Jack in the Box (2019)

Today I checked out the 2019 movie "The Jack in the Box". While the biggest plot points were easy to figure out, and the jump scares were predictable, this was actually a pretty good film. Based loosely on actual folklore, the premise was that someone found a big jack in a box and opened it which unleashed a clown-like demon that had to kill six people in order to continue it's life cycle. Pretty cool, huh? The box itself was neat, and included references to multiple cultures on the outside including what looked like an eye of horus, some runic (which when translated doesn't appear toactually say anything), and some possibly Celtic looking knotwork, among other imagery. It's pretty, but doesn't really make sense? The kill scenes were well done though, and the clown demon is pretty creepy. I also just really love the whole idea of the film and the deal that you make with the demon. This movie used suspense and foreshadowing well, and overall I definitely really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out! ~Gangis

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