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The Iron Maidens - Ventura, California - 12/1/22

The Iron Maidens are the world's only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band. They are something you have to see to believe. Going to one of their shows is a guaranteed fun time and another way to bond with metalheads and Iron Maiden fans alike. One of the few USA shows announced was on the West Coast in Ventura, California at the Ventura Music Hall.

In classic Iron Maiden fashion, the song Doctor Doctor by UFO played over the speakers started playing. Once the song ended, the members of The Iron Maidens came out. They started their show with The Prisoner. Right away, you could hear their amazing musicianship and sound exactly like Iron Maiden themselves. Up next was the fan favorite 2 Minutes to Midnight and naturally, the audience sang along to the chorus. The third song was another fan favorite, The Trooper. Fans also loved singing along to this catchy song as well as banging their heads to the music. Even singer Kirsten Rosenburg came out wearing a British soldier uniform and waving the British flag. Going to see The Iron Maidens is identical to going to see Iron Maiden in terms of musicianship and the different variations of their mascot Eddie that come out on stage. The Iron Maidens played all the classic Maiden hits which included Wasted Years, Fear of the Dark and Powerslave. The show seemed to come to an end, and all seemed quiet after the band left the stage. The crowd continued to cheer and call out to them. After a quick break, the band came out for a couple of encores. The encores were Run to the Hills and The Number of the Beast. The crowd cheered as loudly as they could once the show ended showing their appreciation for the band. The Iron Maidens left the stage once again but left the audience with nothing but smiles from an amazing show. If you see them coming to your area, they are a must see!

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

Instagram: tarantulamanmr

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