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Horror flicks taking place across dinner parties I feel are few and far between…at least ones that are notable and well known. THE INVITATION isn’t your typical horror movie and this is definitely one of those that the less you know about it going in the better. A couple get invited to a dinner party by old friends, some of which haven’t been seen in awhile, and motivations soon come to fruition. Tension, paranoia, character studies; these would be best to describe what is really going on and by the time you get to the climax everything should make sense and the journey is worth the destination. If you’re expecting a typical slasher…don’t. If you want to experience more of a horror of the mind…accept this invitation. Don’t miss John Carroll Lynch in his scenes either…shows why he’s one of the most underrated actors around. The pace is well done throughout and your attention is captured from the beginning as the mystery begins and then unravels as you go through the night. Check it out.

SLASH SCENE: The Explanation


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